Azores Photo Tours & Workshops

Photograph breathtaking mountains and coastal scenery

small group photography workshops on the Azores Islands

The dramatic landscapes of the Azores offer a wealth of photographic opportunities. You will be spoilt for choice with soaring volcanic mountains, lush green valleys, stunning sea cliffs being pounded by the Atlantic swells, and shimmering picturesque lakes all displayed in a myriad of vibrant and diverse colours. Join us on this 5-day Azores photo tour and capture the world’s beauty all in one place.


Expert guides

This workshop is being run with myself and Claudia Daniels.

Great locations

We will cover all the best places both well-known and unique.

The best scenery

Stunning mountainous landscapes and coastal seascapes.

The Geology of the World in one place

The Azores is blessed with all the best and most dramatic geological features of the world. It’s almost as if Mother Nature decided to create a little place all for herself, or at least for us photographers!

This small archipelago of islands 1500kms off the coast of Portugal. Here you can photograph volcanoes, mountains, jagged cliffs tapering off to rocky shorelines and hidden coves. The vibrant colours of the flora contrast beautifully with the softer hues of the lakes and craters. Wildlife photographers can also photograph the rich marine life, consisting of blue whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Workshop Details

Small Groups

Maximum of 12 participants


5 days / 4 nights

Meeting Place

Ponta Delgada Airport

Accommodation Included

Accommodation is included for 4 nights

Transport Included

Transport is included on all workshop days.


Paulo Silva & Claudia Daniels

You will learn…

  • How to select the correct camera settings for each shot
  • How to meter for light and expose correctly
  • How to use and understand your histogram
  • Proper focusing
  • The art of great composition
  • The difference between fast and slow shutter speeds and their effects
  • How to use manual settings
  • Using filters

Photograph the breathtaking landscapes and colours of these magical islands

Colourful and dramatic landscapes

The Azores are famed for their vibrant and colourful landscapes. The incredible mix of rich flora, lush green valleys, shimmering lakes, volcanoes, dramatic coastline and diverse marine life makes it a photographer’s paradise.

Sao Miguel is the largest island in the Portuguese Azores and will be our main destination on this photo tour. On this island there will be something for everyone to photograph.

Dramatic Seascapes and Marine Life

The Azores are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, therefore there is no shortage of breathtaking coastal scenery and marine life.

The soaring jagged cliffs, hidden coves, and rocky shore make excellent subjects for lovers of seascape photography.

We will also get the chance to photograph blue whales, bottlenose dolphins, and Risso’s dolphins aboard an ecologically responsible boat tour.

Volcanoes and Mountains

The Azores are of volcanic origin, and this is clearly evident as you travel throughout the islands. The landscape comprises a vast array of craters, calderas, and lava fields. There are beautiful lakes surrounded by lush green mountains, all of which offers a unique and otherworldly backdrop for your images.

Stunning views from above

On our Azores photo tour we will photograph a lot of this majestic scenery from beautiful elevated viewpoints, which are easy to get to.

This tour and workshop is open to all levels of photography; whether you are a hobby enthusiast or a seasoned professional looking for new photographic opportunities.

The Azores is an oasis of breathtaking scenery. Over the 5 days, you can expect a fun packed tour and workshop, great company, and delicious food.