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Kase FIlters Ambassador

Kase Filters Ambassador - Paulo Silva

Top class filters

Why I use Kase Filters

As a landscape photographer, filters are key elements to the success of an image. After more than a year shooting with Kase filters, I was invited to be an official Kase Filters ambassador and distributor.

I am proud to represent Kase. The optical quality of their filters is second to none.

As a Kase partner, all filters will be available to use and try on any of my photography workshops. You will also get the chance to purchase at a special discount.

For more information, sales or to try out these filters on my workshops, please contact me.

Kase Armour Filter System
Kase filters. Kase Filters Ambassador - Paulo Silva
Kase wolverine filters. Kase Filters Ambassador - Paulo Silva
Kase K9 Mag CPL with Holder. Kase Filters Ambassador - Paulo Silva
Kase filters. Kase Filters Ambassador - Paulo Silva

A range of filters available to try and purchase

Get a 10% discount

I have a full range of Kase filters that you are more than welcome to try and use on any of my workshops & private tuition days. Should you find something that you like then you can order from me directly through my website and I will arrange to have it sent to you.

All workshop attendees will get a unique 10% discount code to use here.

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Filter Kit - Entry Kit 95mm

Perfect for photographers who do not require a full square system setup. Lighter and more compact

Kase Filters Armour magnetic entry level kit Ⅰ

Speed and simplicity of magnetic circular filters, with the versatility of 100mm filters. The best of both.

KW Revolution-Pro ND kit

Coloured identifiers help you to select the filters faster, new  inlaid adapter ring reduce vignetting.