Slovenia photography workshops

Photograph the stunning alpine region of Slovenia

small group photography workshops in Slovenia

Join me on my Slovenia photography workshop and discover the fairytale world of Lake Bled, its fabulous island church and hilltop castle along with the rest of the alpine region of Slovenia. 


Expert guide

I have been running workshops across Europe for many years.

Great locations

We will cover all the best places both well-known and unique.

The best scenery

You will be taken to some of the best viewpoints within the park.

Mountains, lakes & churches

On this fantastic photography workshop, we will travel around the alpine region of this gorgeous little country sitting at the easternmost extremity of the European Alps.

Here we will visit and photograph some of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Europe, along with some magical scenery. Be entralled by all the lovely little churches sitting on hilltops backed by breathtaking views of mountains and forested hillsides.

Visit two of the country’s most famous lakes, such as Lake Bled with its island church and castle, and Lake Bohinj with it’s lovely little church and fabulous views of the Julian Alps. Slovenia will not fail to inspire you.

Workshop Details

Small Groups

Maximum of 6 participants


6 days / 5 nights

Accommodation Included

Accommodation is included

Transport Included

Transport is included on all workshop days.


Paulo Silva & Claudia Daniels

You will learn…

  • How to select the correct camera settings for each shot
  • How to meter for light and expose correctly
  • How to use and understand your histogram
  • Proper focusing
  • The art of great composition
  • The difference between fast and slow shutter speeds and their effects
  • How to use manual settings
  • Using filters

Photograph the best scenery this side of the Alps

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a truly magical place. Its island church and hilltop castle add an air of mysticism to the place, especially when enshrouded in morning mist.

Bled will be our base for the workshop, from where we will explore the lake itself from a variety of angles. Bled is also the perfect central location, and all our other photography spots are just a short drive away.

Lake Bohinj

Located in a picturesque alpine valley at the heart of Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj stands out as the crowning jewel of Alpine Slovenia. Serenely nestled in its scenic setting and embraced by the majestic Julian Alps, it is Slovenia’s largest permanent lake.

Similar to the charm of Bled, Lake Bohinj reveals its captivating beauty amidst the enchanting morning mist, gradually dissipating to reveal the awe-inspiring panorama of the surrounding mountains.

Valley and gorges

Throughout the rest of the Triglav National Park and the nearby Soča Valley, we will visit and photograph many of the numerous waterfalls, rivers and rapids. 

Here will get a chance to practice the effects that long and short exposures have on flowing water. 

Improve your photography skills

Throughout our Slovenia photography workshop and tour, we’ll explore a diverse array of captivating spots. Each destination presents unique opportunities to enhance and broaden your photography skills, encompassing aspects like composition, mastering long exposures, utilizing polarisers, neutral density filters, and beyond.

Being on-site at the optimal moments, we’ll endeavour to seize the best available light for our shots. Additionally, throughout the workshop, I’ll provide insights into post-production methods and workflow techniques to further refine your photographic skills.

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