Private Photo Tours & Workshops

Photography workshops just for you

Bespoke Workshops and Tours

If you are looking for something more tailored to your individual needs, then why not book a private photo tour with me?

Local Tutor

Portugal is my home so I can take you to the best and most ideal locations to learn photography.

Focused tuition

The advantage to private tour is that I can tailor all tuition to your exact needs and level of expertise.


Choose location

Choose from a variety of beautiful locations in and around my hometown in Portugal.

Benefits of a private photo tour


Choose dates

Choose the dates and times that suit.

Your itinerary

The whole trip will be customised to your interests and needs

Take your time

Travel and photograph at your leisure. Nobody telling you it's time to move on.


Accommodation can be booked according to your budget and comfort requirements.

Learn your way

You will have my undivided attention and tuition will be adapted to your level.

Your photos

On private photo tours you photograph the scenes you want, and make the best of your time in Portugal.

Private landscape and seascape photoTours

Problems with group tours

While group photography tours can be fun and suitable for most, they do come with limitations. To begin with, standard group tours are less adaptable and must cater for a variety of different needs. So while we may spot a great scene to photograph along the way, we may not be able to deviate from our planned itinerary, unless the whole group is in agreement.

No restrictions

On a private photo tour you don’t have to worry about this kind of thing. If you encounter such a situation, you can decide for yourself if you want to stay and photograph this interesting scene you’ve discovered along the way, or carry on as planned.

Do what you want to do

Maybe you have been put off by being in a group workshop, or perhaps your needs are more specific. On my private tours we can plan a trip to suit your:

Please contact me to discuss your requirements